Alloplex has developed a differentiated, non-engineered, autologous cellular therapy derived, from peripheral blood mononuclear cells. SUPLEXA therapeutic cells display broad anti-tumor activity and are comprised of cells of both innate and adaptive phenotypes and as such employs a multi-modal anti-tumor strategy comprised entirely of normal activated immune cells.

The first in-human clinical trial, designed to yield both safety and efficacy data, commenced in 2Q 2022. Patients with hematologic malignancies or solid tumors are being enrolled in the trial.

The story behind Alloplex

The Alloplex Team Frank Borriello, Sharron Gargosky & James Lederer

Alloplex is led by its scientific founder and CEO, Dr. Frank Borriello MD, PhD – a Harvard-trained immunologist with over two decades pharmaceutical industry experience where he held positions of increasing responsibility, beginning as an oncology clinical trial medical monitor and later developing a keen interest in Search and Evaluation and expertise in Business Development.

After a long hiatus from basic research, several unrelated elements coalesced to inspire Dr. Borriello to launch Alloplex Biotherapeutics.

The first element provided the scientific underpinning and stemmed from his realization that many immune pathways were reported in the literature to drive some level of anti-tumor benefit. Furthermore, that the molecular handles to these pathways were accessible in the form of protein ligands which could be used to specifically engage naturally occurring receptors on patient-derived white blood cells, thereby transforming them into tumor fighting cells.

The second element provided the motivation and came from the premature loss of his brother, Gaetano Borriello, PhD, an accomplished computer scientist, to colorectal cancer at age 56. The personal loss emphasized the huge unmet medical need still remaining in spite of the significant investment and high level of activity in cancer medicine.

The third and final element provided the serendipitous catalyst and came in the form of the purchase of the company where Dr. Borriello was employed as Head of Search and Evaluation. This event created a career inflection point and the unexpected opportunity to develop a company dedicated to the singular goal of developing an anti-tumor cellular therapy.

The inspiration

The Alloplex Wall of Inspiration

The ‘wall of inspiration’ in our Boston Headquarters is a display of photos of people we’ve known personally who have battled cancer. It is a constant reminder of the importance of doing everything we can to the best of our abilities for the sake of the people who are impacted by our work today, as well as for those who may benefit in future.

Alloplex people

Alloplex is led by a small and nimble senior management team bringing the advantage of long-term relationships and complementary skill sets to bear on a singular problem. These skillsets span immunology and analytical science, pharmaceutical development, clinical and regulatory expertise, and business development.

The senior leadership team

The corporate board

The scientific advisory board