Dr. Frank Borriello

Frank Borriello MD, PhD

Alloplex Biotherapeutics Inc. is a privately-owned Boston-based cellular therapeutics company founded in 2016. The concept on which it is based was developed by our scientific founder, Frank Borriello MD, PhD, after observing from many scientific reports that activation of numerous well-known immune pathways could contribute to the degree of anti-tumor immune activity.

Recognizing the advantage of consolidating the activity of multiple immune pathways into a single therapeutic, Dr. Borriello envisioned using a proprietary engineered cell line to train a patient’s white blood cells to recognize and kill cancer cells.

Alloplex reduced this concept to practice using specially tailored tumor cell lines, collectively called ENLIST cells. These ENLIST training cells were engineered to display a precise array of immunomodulatory protein ligands to stimulate naturally occurring receptors on multiple immune cell types found peripheral blood (PBMC). The simultaneous activation of multiple immune pathways in PBMC revealed a previously unappreciated synergy between key pathways to yield SUPLEXA therapeutic cells. SUPLEXA cells are reprogrammed in this manner to display potent anti-tumor activity without the issues that arise with genetic engineering. The SUPLEXA therapeutic cells are comprised of cells long-known by the scientific community to individually possess anti-tumor activity and represent elements of both the innate and adaptive immune systems.

The concept is protected by a combination of patent (U.S. Provisional 62/425424, issued as U.S. Patent 10,731,128 on August 4, 2020) and trade secrets.

Alloplex has refined a first generation autologous SUPLEXA cell drug candidate. In April 2022, patient enrolment began in the Phase 1 first-in-human clinical trial in Australia and, to date, SUPLEXA Therapeutic Cells show a safe and well tolerated profile yielding clinical activity across tumor types.

Our Immuno-Oncology Pipeline

The Clinical Pipeline for developping the SUPLEXA Therapeutic platform.

SUPLEXA Pipeline

Key features of SUPLEXA therapeutic cells

SUPLEXA therapeutic cells are not engineered; they are reprogrammed to recognize and kill tumor cells.

  • Simple and reproducible manufacturing to date in the lab.
  • Successful technical transfer and GMP manufacturing.
  • No genetic engineering.
  • All GMP compatible no animal-derived reagents.
  • Consistently high yields.
  • Requires only standard and readily available laboratory equipment.

Universally-positive opinion leader responses

Alloplex sought the opinion of a number of cellular therapy experts to solicit their unbiased opinions regarding the differentiation and potential of SUPLEXA therapeutic cells. Their universally positive reactions in pre-clinical phase have been borne out in the Phase 1 trial.

Responses received include:

  • “Safety is unlikely to be an issue and the multiple mechanisms of action are actually an advantage”
  • “This is as good as it gets.”
  • “Actually, very elegant and I would expect it to be very safe.”

For Scientists

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