Dr. Frank Borriello to speak at Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit.

July 28, 2022 in Boston.

July 27, 2022. 

Alloplex’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Frank Borriello, will be speaking at the 3rd Gamma Delta T Therapies Summit on Thursday 28th July 2022 at 11 AM in a session titled “Reviewing the clinical safety and efficacy of gamma delta therapies” on the Response in Solid Tumors of Non-Engineered Autologous Multi-Cell Therapy.

Synopsis of Dr. Borriello’s presentation:

  • Outlining the genesis of a multimodal cellular therapy called SUPLEXA
  • Investigating the clinical mechanism of action of multi-modal cellular therapy in coordinating an anti-tumor response
  • Developing an exploratory research program with clinical samples to study this autologous therapy
  • Outlining the clinical observations to date.

Our CSO, Dr. James Lederer, also presented at the pre-conference deep dive day on the 26th on the topic ‘Studying the Mechanisms of Action of Polyfunctional Gamma Delta T Cells’. 

Synopsis of Dr. Lederer’s presentation:

  • Outlining known, and thus far unconfirmed  but hypothesized, mechanisms of gamma delta T cell action
  • Understanding how to activate gamma delta T cell subsets and stimulatecytotoxic mechanisms 
  • Investigating their interaction with endogenous cells 
  • Highlighting the key drivers of cytoxicity of gamma delta cells and what drives killing, such as TCRs of NK-like cells
  • Defining the phenotype of a cytotoxic gamma delta T cell
  • Identifying checkpoints on gamma delta T cells to modulate function
  • Mapping the mechanisms by which gamma delta T cells recognize stressed vs. non-stressed tissue, vs. NK cell identification of self vs. non-self.

By all reports, it’s an excellent meeting with great ideas circulating and lots to learn.

“Clearly Gamma T cells have a lot of promise as an anti-tumor therapy and we are glad to be part of the effort to assess this clinical activity”, Dr. Borriello commented.