Two abstracts on Alloplex’s lead technology platform, SUPLEXA, accepted for presentation at SITC23

Dr. Rohit Joshi of CRSA and Alloplex's leadership team will present the latest developments and data from SUPLEXA-101 phase 1 in-human trials in San Diego, CA (November 1 - 5, 2023)

Boston, MA — September 7, 2023. 

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer has accepted two abstracts in relation to the trial of Alloplex’s lead technology platform, SUPLEXA, for presentation at this year’s 38th annual SITC meeting and conference.

The posters to be presented by Dr. Rohit Joshi, alongside the Alloplex leadership team, are:

  1. SUPLEXA, a multimodal autologous cellular therapy, shows immunomodulatory behavior in cancer patients consistent with improved anti-tumor immune function.
    Authors: J Pulford, E Murzin, D Younger, R Joshi, JC Goh, G Kichenadasse, SE Gargosky, F Borriello, and J Lederer.
  2. Topline safety and efficacy update of SUPLEXA-101, a First-in-Human, Single Agent Study of SUPLEXA Therapeutic Cells in 28 Patients with Metastatic Solid Tumors.
    Authors: R Joshi, JC Goh, G Kichenadasse, V Atkinson, W Joubert, V Kwatra, M Okera, S Bishnoi, G Nisyrios, J Lederer, SE.

We look forward to sharing the latest data from the SUPLEXA-101 phase 1 in-human trial underway in Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia.

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