2021 Mar 24-25 Innate Killer Cell conference

A Differentiated and Broadly Applicable Autologous Whole Blood Derived Adoptive Cellular Therapy for Treating Cancer

This poster offers a complete introduction to the Alloplex SUPLEXA Therapeutic Cell Platform. It provides an overview of the phenotypic and functional characteristics of our non-engineered therapeutic cells as well as the simplicity of manufacturing.


  1. Activation of PBMCs by ENLIST cells induces development of potent tumor killing SUPLEXA therapy, comprised of known anti-tumor effector cells. 
  2. SUPLEXA is phenotypically and functionally differentiated from control CIK cells; demonstrating the importance of ENLIST cell training. 
  3. CyTOF analysis of SUPLEXA cells demonstrates unique development of NK cells, NKT-like cells, and CD8 T cells with high expression of tumor