2021 April 9 AACR conference (Poster 1772)

A novel approach for autologous pan-cancer cellular immunotherapy reveals dramatic expansion of αβ and γδ TCR T cell clonotypes indicative of an antigen-driven response

Presented at the AACR Conference in April 2021, this poster summarizes the Alloplex SUPLEXA Therapeutic Cell Platform and expands on the broad anti-tumor cytolytic activity as well as the phenotypic characterization of the diverse cells present in SUPLEXA cells


  1. SUPLEXA cells demonstrate dramatic clonal expansions of αβ TCR and γδ TCR T cells with an unanticipated increase in TCR δ-chain diversity.
  2. Single cell RNA sequencing of SUPLEXA cells validates clonal expansions of αβ TCR and γδ TCR T cells and identifies paired TCR sequences for future antigen specificity and identification studies.
  3. Collectively, these findings indicate that ENLIST cells provide antigen-driven activation and expansion of αβ and γδ TCR positive T cells that may acquire pan tumor antigen specificities.